Web 3.0 – A World Of Endless Possibilities

Built On The Waves Blockchain: #RideOnWaves

Web 3.0 – A World Of Endless Possibilities

Built on the Waves Blockchain #RideOnWaves

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News, Updates & Videos

Waves Node 1.0 Release 25/06/19

Waves team have announced the release of Waves Node 1.0 which brings a major application services for all developers and teams to fully build out dApps and much more.

WavesDapp Launch Announced – A Web 3.0 Multiverse

The site that will bring awareness to all the Waves Community and offer insight into Projects, Games build on the Blockchain and much more.

Waves Incubator: Supporting Waves Developers To Deliver dApps & More

WavesLabs have launched an initiative to bring an overview to the development and strategy to grow the ecosystem of the Waves Blockchain by launching an incubator with up to 100,000 Waves as funding.

WavesDapp Services

WavesDapp will be providing full stack services including functional payment Escrow

WavesDapp Services

See all the services we can offer from trusted teams & developers known to the Waves Community

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