Gaming On The Blockchain

View & Play All The Waves Decentralised Based Gaming Platforms

Gaming On The Blockchain

View & Play All The Waves Decentralised Based Gaming Platforms

To play any Waves Decentral Games/Apps, You will need to use a desktop and install Waves Keeper extension. Please see our desktop site for more information and download links.

Get Waves Keeper Extension

Waves Keeper is a browser extension that allows users to manage their private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.

To have the ability to play any games or decentralised applications on Waves Blockchain, you will need to install the Waves Keeper Extension to your Browser (Safari not included at this time).

Arker – The Legend Of Ohm

Developed by: Arker Labs

Arker: The legend of Ohm is the first online multiplayer video game that rewards its players with a cryptocurrency for winning battles against other players.

Waves Community Lottery Game

Developed by: Artem Badrtdinov

Buy at least one of 100 squares and get a chance to win the whole game balance at the end of the round. One square costs 1 WAVES or 1 WCT (Waves Community Token). The winner will be determined when the last square is bought out: the number of the winning square is the remainder of the last block signature number on division by 100.

Waves Rider

Developed by: Tradisys

Ride on Waves. In Waves Rider, you can choose how many WAVES you want to bet. This is the game with a floating bet from 0.5 and up to 6 WAVES. Make a bet that suits you!

Dice Roller

Developed by: Tradisys

A very plain and simple game prepared with Blockchain Technology. Choose the dice sides, make a bet and see if you are lucky.

Trustless, fair, transparent. Powered by Waves Blockchain.

Predictive Art

the gallery was created only to enable the authors of the new time, creating innovative and complex forms of expression, to show their creations. our goal is to tell stories, show new incredible art. we call it predictive art.

Coin Flip

Developed by: Tradisys

Another simple game built on Waves Blockchain. Choose the coins side and you can make a bet and see if you are lucky. Trustless, fair and transparent.

Waves Island

Developed by: MaDaMa Labs

Waves-Island it’s a game where users battle to find Pirate’s hidden treasure (10 WAVES), the game is made using RIDE language with the support of a backend for creating new games and handling payments.

Liga Champions League

Developed by: Liga

LIGA is built on Waves technology, so far convenience work with the site, add the extension Waves Keeper! After that you can buy team tokens instantly and see your LIGA balance.

Sea Battle – BattleShips Game

Developed by: NetBox Global

Fight with other players on the water arena and destroy enemy warships, win to double your bid.Head the leaderboard and show who is in charge here. Good luck!

Waves Christmas Tree – 2019

Developed by: Tradisys

This was the first ever game launched by the Tradisys team available on Waves Blockchain and RIDE smart contracts. It was released December 2018 and users were able to decorate the tree and get a chance to win a prize of 3 Waves.

One Million Pixels

Developed by: MaDaMa Labs

One Million Pixel Waves is a Proof-of-concept website internally running on the Blockchain through a RIDE Smart Contract. A tribute to the famous million dollar homepage, but, on the Waves Blockchain. A full integration with Waves Keeper ensures an easy and elegant way to store data on the Blockchain.

Blockchain City

Developed by: WavesMania

New Waves Mania City is totally built in the Waves blockchain. No database is used for the workings of the city. The city is all about sharing and ready to be explored.You can create undiscovered property in a city block for 1 Property Token. You determine the sales price of the property that you create yourself (min. 0.5 Waves). If people buy and develop property in a city block, every property creator and owner in that city block receives 2% of the payments.

Lotto Hall

Developed by: Waves Club

Lottery with a verifiable result and a Waves blockchain signature

How About Playing A Classic?

Developed by: Google, back in the dark ages of cell networks.

To play, press space or up on keyboard arrows | To leave game, simply refresh page or press back.

To play, tap screen to start and to jump obstacles| To leave game, simply refresh page or press back.

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