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The Kolin platform was created for becoming a bridge between different cultures, languages and also to ease access to education. Thus, Kolin platform will become an agent of change by creating the first decentralised centre for translation and information exchange.

Asset ID: FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW


Decentralized betting exchange. Bettex are building a decentralised betting exchange based on the Waves Blockchain where the cryptocurrency asset Bettex coin will be used as a means of payment. Check out the website, social media accounts and articles for more information regarding the Bettex Project.

Asset ID: 8t8DMJFQu5GEhvAetiA8aHa3yPjxLj54sBnZsjnJ5dsw


WavesLend is a platform that will allow users to invest in peer-to-peer loans focused purely on businesses in Europe (for now). Private investors’ money will be 100% secured by the collatoral provided by the borrowering businesses.The Waves Platform smart contracts will verify the rights to the interest and provide proof of the investment.


Wagerr uses distributed blockchain technology to execute betting contracts. It escrows stakes, verifies results, and pays out winners. By eliminating central authorities, Wagerr solves the most pernicious problems in the industry. Reducing corruption and risk results in predictable operation. You can bet on Wagerr.

Asset ID: 8t8DMJFQu5GEhvAetiA8aHa3yPjxLj54sBnZsjnJ5dsw


We want to introduce to you our idea of tokenising any big sport event with Waves Platform. The idea is to combine suspense we get while watching some big sport event with crypto trading logic.

Asset ID: 3toqCSpAHShatE75UFKxqymuWFr8nxuxD7UcLjdxVFLx

Coincierge Club

Coincierge Club offers very unique products (Club, Wallet and Pro), designed to interact with each other, yet provide value independently.

Asset ID: EwaBCu9j7BTr1LwsWz3Wqnahu7BFkgQyu3W5nBzgL8TC


VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment cards and terminals into a single environment.

Asset ID: Czq6GLC3WgSyTzkxixfiF6kVhEPaTATuCQyEyWDU2nEz


The Decentralised Global Store Value System Backed By Tangible Assets Through Tokenisation of Companies and Real Estates All Over The World

Asset ID: 7p7fye1uJcoWKB2otJAc9K4TDyohXrPyEqtjnK7p1xMk


Powered by Waves Technology. RELAY is your synergistic approach to blockchain utilisation in the manufacturing industry. By providing a layer of DLT, RELAY can assist is such areas involving, but not limited to: – Data Management – Logistics and Supply Chain verification – Material Certification – IoT Communication – Secured and Open Source Intellectual Property – Cloud Databases – Secure Payment Transactions & Invoices RELAY is the 1st technology offering provided by AdvancedTDS

Asset ID: 3ViMANkJdEkEEUQ9629A3JYAQM74122DzU5bHMtRS9bH

Organic Token ORGT

ORGT is a lifestyle marketplace token that evolved out of the Organic Token Project! We promote healthy lifestyle and work like minded businesses that accept our token and those who share our values. We are also welcome projects to Orgt Alliance!

Asset ID: 6Czx4dpUXtiNwL6dRkwP87BucbKcho86uoTQm9f4HEVT


Xandereum is the native token for the Xanderian Institute— an online educational institute.

Asset ID: 9dv2pN3uhxjUWC5Pmd4N6XdgGagwKA12Dj4UubhEN6R1


Auct token is a decentralised and digital payment asset/currency that powers our skill/job marketplace (auctionlance.com) where clients connect, contract and pay freelancers smartly.

Asset ID: 53VHGAEfVNJnByeMbu9r4DsxXoBz3TecQfWpYXAsZmzh


MoonBounties token is made with the purpose to reward the loyalty of all those that were with us from the beginning. Each person that owns MoonBounties token will get 1 percent bonus in EVERY bounty campaign he/she decides to participate.

Asset ID: 9BpjYqdQUGhN1yuZJ2ous8QV6tV8ukmAjPxkA4PkqAuf

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