Waves Incubator

Waves Incubator: Supporting Waves Developers To Deliver dApps & More.

WavesLabs have launched an initiative to bring an overview to the development and strategy to grow the ecosystem of the Waves Blockchain by launching an incubator with up to 100,000 Waves as funding.

According to WavesLabs:

The long-term initiative will take the Waves Grants program to a new level, providing financial, technical and marketing support to developers, with a special focus on dApps written in the RIDE language.

WavesLabs previously launched a method of funding in the form of grants where certain teams who applied received in stages of development a quantity of Waves to continue with their development and build of their project.

A highly successful backing in an award winning team called Tradisys has seen the delivery of 5 Waves based dApps (decentralised applications) ranging from a Christmas inspired game to a game; Ride on waves.

To apply for incubation, you must contact WavesLabs here.

Good luck.

Don’t forget, if you create a project or dApp on Waves, let us know and we will add you to our platform listings for free.

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