WavesDapp – A Web 3.0 Multiverse

WavesDapp – A Web 3.0 Multiverse

On Monday 1st July 2019, the highly anticipated WavesDapp platform, brought to you by the creative team behind the WavesMania ecosystem launched for the Waves Blockchain community.

So what is WavesDapp?

WavesDapp is a multi-language online platform specifically built to bring awareness and further community adoption of all things Waves.

As you can see from the site so far, it really does have everything you or a developer would need to get started on your goal of building a dApp (Decentral Application) or to simply get involved with the many wonderful projects and teams using the best Blockchain in existence to deliver exceptional Web 3.0 tools and services.

We believe that Waves will be one of the most beneficial and widely used Blockchains and ecosystems in existence within a few short years based on a multitude of attributes it offers.

Speed, efficiency, price of transaction, simplicity, security and of course the supportive community that is the key to raising awareness.

WavesDapp’s goal is to place content and viewing material that can really bring out the best in projects, platforms and teams by giving them a one stop place to expand their reach.

We will be bringing news, interviews, videos, vlogs, games, updates and much more right to the tips of your fingers in a site that has no limits.

As an addition, WavesDapp will be looking to launch a WavesDapp Launchpad for legal token offerings if it can get the help and support from the WavesLabs team.

This feature will include all services and legal options to go ahead with a token offering.

The WavesDapp team would like to thank all those that have supported us to get to a launch point and we hope that together, we can build a better tomorrow with democracy, community and growth that no other Blockchain can offer.

WavesDapp Team.

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